Saturday, April 18, 2009

Shaka's Spirit Returns to South Africa with New President Zuma

The new president of South Africa will be Jacob Zuma, a Zulu who plans to run Africa's most sophisticated country as Zulu chief in the tradition of Shaka.

Here's a great article about it in the Times of London.

Zuma to rule South Africa like Zulu king

The president in waiting tells of his blueprint for government

Jacob Zuma

EVEN as prosecutors fought a last-ditch battle to put him on trial last week, Jacob Zuma, South Africa’s president-in-waiting, was describing a background rooted in traditional African values that could define the kind of leader that will emerge.

He spoke about growing up in rural Zululand. “We did all the things boys should do,” he said. “Hunting birds. Swimming in the big rivers. Fighting with sticks. What we call in Zulu the man-making.” He sighed longingly, as if describing the maturing of a Zulu warrior king. “It was absolutely wonderful,” he said........

Read more in Times of London.

The story of White Shaka Boy is construct based on the only interaction between the West and the Zulus at the level of a chief and in an interracial context.

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