Wednesday, September 14, 2011

"White Zulu" & Friends Shake Richmond

If you weren't in Richmond, VA this weekend you missed a heck of a party when "White Zulu", David Jenkins teamed up with other Zulus, Xhosas, Tswanas and Americans at this wonderful festival at Grayhaven Winery.

See for yourself what fun they had. There was singing, dancing and a great finales wh
en just about the entire audience tried their hand at Zulu dancing for the men and the Xhosa version of the Macarena for women.

And don't worry - we're bringing the party to you! We're doing a private, invitation-only Braai at the end of September in Scarsdale and a big show at a New York Club. If you'd like to be on our invite list send us a note at

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