Friday, September 2, 2011

"Zulu Boy" David Jenkins Wows NY Audience at First US Performance

David Jenkins, the so-called “White Zulu” from KwaZulu-Natal wowed audiences last night at Madiba in Brooklyn with his first U.S. performance.

Singing in English and Zulu he combined traditional maskandi hits from the Zulu heartland with Johnny Clegg standards like “Asimbonango” -the tribute to Nelson Mandela - and his original songs from his (South
African Traditional Music Awards) SATMA-nominated album, “Child of Africa”.

The crowd hummed along to the Clegg hits like “Impi” and “The Crossing” while the ended the evening when the crowd called for an encore with a “singalong” - which turned out to be a reprise of the near-anthemic “Asimbonanga” which laments the jailing of Mandela and now serves as a reminder of the anti-apartheid struggle and the accomplishments of the new South Africa.

The 19 year old Jenkins, who combines choir boy looks with a full Zulu regalia of skins and rainbow colors represents a once unthinkable amalgam of cultures – traditional Africa and post-colonial Europe.

Jenkins will be performing at the South African Food Festival near Richmond, VA on Sep. 10-11 and will be returning to New York for additional performances before embarking on a West Coast and Florida tour.

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David Jenkins US tour is produced by Shaka Boy Music.

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